How to catch Sydney harbour kingfish

I just missed out the on the Kingie jigging fad that swept the boat fishing scene on the east coast throughout the sixties and early …

Monthly Report – Aug 18

The water will be really cold by now meaning that fish activity will have generally slowed down. Fish, being cold blooded, have a metabolism linked …

Monthly Report Oct -18

The Marine parks debate exploded onto the scene recently with the announcement of 25 angler lock-out zones between Wollongong and Newcastle. Backlash from anglers and …

Monthly Report – Nov 18

Marine Park Debacle In my 50 years of fishing I’ve never witnessed such a massive outpouring of genuine outrage from anglers. The trigger was the …

Monthly Report April — 18

The very warm water off Sydney this season has attracted some tropical ring ins including cobia. Your chances of ever catching one are slim but …


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Murky waters better suited to predators

Kingfish – the crown jewels of Sydney Harbour

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